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Blue ocean strategy- A study on Teletalk Bangladesh Limited- Bornomala Sim card FEVER is on

Bangladesh is one of the least developed countries in this world with almost 18 million people. Telecommunication industry in Bangladesh has becoming a booming sector, according to Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) mobile penetration had grown to 74% September 2014. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited populary known as TeleTalk the government regulated company in Bangladesh. Among all of regulated companies, TeleTalk is comparatively backward than the others competitors. Recently, TeleTalk has launched their new package ”Bornomala” package for college and university students. This package is comparatively lower than its other packages. This new package is being popularly accepted to the students who want the cheapest call rate, varieties offers as 50 items free for on net MMS, free onnet SMS, free  talk time , free 250MB, video calling facilities etc after purchasing this package. Customers of this segment is purchasing Bornomala sim only 50 taka which is comparatively lower than other operators. We know in this competitive telecommunication industry, price war is a common factor. It is not quite surprising, if a company offers something new in the market, others can easily copy in a moment. Basically customers use more than one operators’ sim card when they get new offer they switch on another operator. But introducing a new offer to a new segment of customers is really appreciable. TeleTalk- Bornomala Sim card is trying to build up their customers base through this new segment of customers which is designed for college and university students. In this today’s scenario, we can easily recognize the internet use in every phase of our life and a single moment is not possible without internet connection. According to BRTC  report January 2015, the Internet subscribers has reached out almost 42.766 million. The report has also figured out that 41.033 million mobile internet subscribers, WiMAX 0.223 million, ISP+PSTN 1.240 million. The majority are using internet through mobile phone and for their connectivity they use mobile data package of different operators. Subscribers most of the times choose the cheapest rate of internet package but relatively in high speed.According to BRTC report, (January 2014) TeleTalk is the first mover in the telecommunication industry which introduced 3G network services along with 2.980 million customers. Market performance of   this operator is not widely acceptable to the customers group. But they are trying to build up their position to make their customers base strong through different packages which are relatively lower price than their competitors and their most appreciable move to sustain in this sector. This new move is considered the Blue Ocean strategy because of their new marketing mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) which is quite different from other operators. The main product is the quality services at an affordable price than the competitors and 3G connectivity but they have not fully covered 3G network. If we consider the sim card price, it is clearly distinguishable the price war among the competitors which is only 50 taka. On the other hand, they are providing cheaper data package, lower call rate. Any college or university student can register himself for the TeleTalk sim card through their website or TeleTalk customer care center.  They have reached their desirable customers group through Amar Ekushey Boimela which has already an established brand image through Bangla Academy  and most popular event among the all levels of people. They have positioned their new segment based on by users that is college and university students. Their promotional campaign is really amazing in that sense they have offered this package in February and in Bangladesh we celebrate this month as our International Mother Language Day and the package is “Bornomala”. As we know, a brand name should be easily recognizable and meaningful  and we have noticed the name choosing of package is relatively better to target group through their new initiatives. It is the break through beyond their boundary to create a new market which has made difference between the Red Ocean and Blue Ocean strategy and is supposed to create a new space in the telecommunication industry through their newly move.



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