A Holistic Marketing Success Story: Heineken

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Holistic Marketing Concepts

A guest post by Megan Totka

It’s been three years since Heineken partnered with Cisco to overcome marketing challenges. Cisco helped change Heineken’s marketing strategy to a more holistic approach and expanded the equity in the brand name. This move has continued to bring success to Heineken and proves to be a successful example of holistic marketing in the business world.


Heineken is well known for its beer brand. The Dutch company has been in business nearly 150 years so it was doing something right before making the change but it wanted to go to the next level. Heineken wanted to grow the company beyond the image of beer being associated with social partying. With advertising restrictions being placed on beer companies requiring an image of social responsibility to be portrayed, Heineken was limited in the marketing style it could use. So instead of only providing alcoholic beverages, Cisco…

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Author: Sabakun Naher Shetu

Studying MBA, Department of Marketing, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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